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Considered the smallest country in mainland Africa, The Gambia is well known as the "smiling coast of Africa," simply because of her friendly and hospitality towards people from all parts of the world and her beautiful beaches. The River Gambia is a major tourist attraction and a dominant feature running through the heart of the country. The Gambia coastline borders the Atlantic Ocean. The River Gambia has a beautiful presence home to hippos and subspecies of Nile crocodile, birds and dominantly rich with fish. The Gambia is almost engulfed by Senegal in all three sides. The country is known for the beaches along its small Atlantic coastline and for being home to Jufureh (Juffure), the reputed ancestral village of Kunta Kinte and the main character in Alex Haley’s well-known novel Roots. The capital, Banjul formerly, Bathurst until 1973), is situated where the Gambia River flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Gambia is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and has enjoyed long spells of stability since independence. Although, the country experienced a little unrest when Lieutenant Yahya Jammeh ruled the country with an iron fist after seizing power in a 1994 coup. His 22-year rule came to an end in 2016, when he was defeated in a shock election result by the main opposition candidate, Adama Barrow. Mr. Jammeh conceded to the results of the election and a week later question the validity of the results and refusal to change power; which lead to mass protest and a threat of armed intervention by ECOWAS. Mr. Jammeh chooses exile in Equatorial Guinea. The country is gaining back momentum to be among the fastest growing economies in the continent. The country just inaugurated a new bridge that has been under construction for three decades with almost a 200-mile relay run to Dakar, Senegal.

The Gambia made it to New York Times 52 Places to go in 2019. It’s perfect since we have an itinerary for The Gambia and Senegal. We have tons of immersive Culture activities on this itinerary including tours to all UNESCO Heritage Sites and so much more. Request an itinerary to learn more. 


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For a first-time safari experience, Kenya is by far the ideal country. The highlight of Kenya Safaris is the big cat viewing, especially in the renowned Masai Mara, home to the BBC’s Big Cat Diary. Other good areas for the cats include Samburu, Nakuru, Amboseli, and the Lewa Conservancy.

The Great Migration is the main seasonal wildlife highlight in Kenya. An annual wildebeest migration of more than two million antelopes and zebra crosses the border from Tanzania’s Serengeti into neighboring Kenya. And while the Great Migration is truly staggering, safaris in the reserve are a breathtaking experience year round.


Emerging from French colonial times as a functioning multicultural, multilingual, extraordinarily TOLERANT society. It has managed to avoid coups, tribal wars, dictatorships and most of the ills in few parts of the continent. This was perhaps a result of Senegal’s tradition of ribald, intertribal mockery, or the cosmopolitanism that comes from being a historic port of call, or because its independence leader, Léopold Sédar Senghor, was a poet. Today one finds a stable, socially and religiously tolerant nation exploding with flavor and creativity. Senegal remains an absolutely enchanting place to visit, with delicious food, absolutely extraordinarily beautiful music, and a relatively free and easy attitude towards intermarriage, mixed race and inter-tribal relationships, and foreign visitors. It has a powerful and proud tradition of hospitality that still endure. 

A Black Civilizations Museum will be open to the public early this year to showcase artifacts as well as contemporary art from Africa and the diaspora. Dakar has become the center of the fashion scene in Africa featuring designers and creative artist who are making a name for themselves internationally. A trip to Dakar won’t be complete without experiencing end nightlife and the music scene with concerts by the legend like Youssou N’Dour at his night club or a major event crooning into the wee hours and a lively bar scene that offers all-hours entertainment. Segal also made it to The New York Times 52 Places to go in 2019.

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Morocco’s largest city and major Atlantic Ocean port are Casablanca, an industrial and commercial center. The capital, Rabat, lies a short distance to the north on the Atlantic coast. Other port cities includeTangier, on the Strait of Gibraltar, Agadir, on the Atlantic, and Al-Hoceïma, on the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Fès is said to have some of the finest souks, or open-air markets, in all of North Africa. Scenic and fertile, Morocco will merit the praise of a native son, the medieval traveler Ibn Baṭṭūṭah, who wrote that “it is the best of countries, for in it fruits are plentiful, and running water and nourishing food are never exhausted.”



Africa lives up to its unofficial motto, A World in One Country with diversity of habitat, from harsh desert and high mountains to dense woodland and coastal fynbos, home to an enormous variety of natural wildlife; from the classic ‘big five’ (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) to colorful birds and ‘marine’ species such as African penguins, whales, dolphins, seals, turtles and sharks. The Big Five, a term originally used by hunters to describe the most difficult animals to kill is a popular term among safari experts.

South Africa is known for offering fantastic big-game viewing and various private reserves.


Considered a cradle of civilization, Ancient Egypt saw some of the earliest developments of writing, agriculture, urbanization, organized religion, and central government. Iconic monuments such as the Giza Necropolis and its Great Sphinx, as well the ruins of Memphis, Thebes, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings, reflect this legacy and remain a significant focus of scientific and popular interest. Egypt's long and rich cultural heritage is an integral part of its national identity, which has endured and often assimilated, various foreign influences including Greek, Persian, Roman, Arab, Ottoman, and Nubian. We have gotten you covered and always more to follow.