African Homecoming

“If you do not know where the rain began to beat you, then you cannot tell where you dried your body.”

“If you don’t know where you come from, then you cannot tell where you are going.”

—Igbo proverb

An African Homecoming—Immersive Culture-Centric Trips

Africa is the most diverse continent on the planet.

square miles of biodiverse land
0 M

From forests, woodlands, savannahs, grasslands, deserts, metropolis, and wetlands.



distinct ethnic groups

Thousands of unique cultures and over 2000 spoken languages.

years of human history
0 k

The many kingdoms of Egypt, the coastal Empire of Carthage, the trading juggernauts of Aksum, and the luxurious Empire of Mali. Africa is full of ancient history and wonder.

All trips are led by local tour insiders as part of our commitment to social impact and promoting micro-entrepreneurship. Check out our African Homecoming itineraries below:

African Homecoming Itineraries

Travel Back in Time and Traverse Africa's Great Civilizations.

Explore and traverse countries with over two hundred thousand years of history. Discover the origins of art, writing, and civilization itself.

These itineraries cover pre-colonial and post-colonial Africa. They are succinct and personal, exploring and uncovering history, stories, and landmarks that endure from before slavery, that formed from the impact of slavery, and that came about in its aftermath.

Impacting Local Communities | Workshops and Hands-on Experiences:

Immersive, hands-on workshops, lectures, seminars, and experiences.

We seek to understand, learn from, and support local communities through our workshops and activities led by local community experts and artisans. We strongly believe that personal experiences are much more memorable and supportive than mass tourism, which is usually superficial, impersonal, low quality, and trivializes experiences in a stereotypical fashion.

So why not create experiences that foster cross-cultural understanding and respect? Why not build memories that honor indigenous cultures, traditions, values, artistic expressions, and so much more?

Want to know how we impact local communities? Every single one of our Culture-Centric Itineraries engages with local workshops, artisans, and businesses. Check out:

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African Homecoming

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