The Power of Multicultural & International Travel

Corporate Incentive Trips are a Decisive Factor for Employees and Retention of Talent.

You can’t run your business without employees and valuable talents. They are the touchstone to any successful business. The world’s best senior management teams have recognized the benefits of showing appreciation and investing in employee wellbeing. Saying and delivering a ‘thank you’ is the simplest and most effective way to boost morale, engagement, loyalty and productivity, and one of the best ways to do that is with a corporate incentive travel trip.

The benefits of incentive travel as a business propagation tool are relatively well recognised. It can:

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We are expanding our network of great experiences by collaborating and partnering with few great institutions and organizations like yours as your go-to travel partner for your inventive trips to Africa. We strongly believe that every great experience requires efforts and careful planning with meticulous workmanship and punctilious attention to details; and as a travel company that pride ourselves in these qualities we could not more excited to embark on this partnership. We have a dedicated team specifically for projects like this. Our consultants are great listeners in planning and managing group trips around the 5 C’s of Luxury Travel,” a group of principles that engage consumers emotionally and physically before, during, and after a travel experience. One of our strongest suits is our deep and meaningful collaboration with companies like yours in leveraging our resources while simultaneously collating interesting experiences for interesting people and making a lasting impact on communities and local economies. How would it feel to have a go-to partner right by your side and in this great adventure?

Moreover, we truly understand what it takes to reward your top performers with trips that foster growth, inspire action and invoke a sense of ownership and respect for the company with experiences that foster a lasting imprint and bond between a company and its top performance. In fact, our founder have had the good fortune of experiencing such trips first hand and numerous times. Whether a small or large group of top performers designed to recognize them for their achievements, we are committed to providing outstanding service and help personalize and customize your incentive trips. And since we are a pretty small firm, our existing customers will attest to how we go the extra mile in providing quality service and being there with you at every step of the way. If you had never had an incentive trip in any African country as of yet, this is even more of the reason why you should. With the vast nature of the continent, “There’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done.” That famous quote is by musicians Elton John and Tim Rice, the opening tune to Disney’s “The Lion King.” Interestingly, we have selected our the top 10 African country’s to have your next corporate incentive trip. Do browse through the next pages to learn more about the recommended countries.


Every people is a treasure for humanity. The most vital societies that history has known have always been those characterized by great ethnic and cultural diversity. One of the beautiful things about exploring Africa is the opportunity to witness and encounter diverse cultures and traditions. This is where you get to appreciate and understand the true essence of travel. It’s about making connections that foster and facilitating mutual understanding through intercultural dialogue. The fact is that traveling to other parts of the world is necessary as we become a more globalized world by helping us understand our differences and what we have in common. “Better knowledge and recognition of our respective differences lead ultimately to better mutual understanding, with particular regard to those objectives we hold in common,” as stated in the UNESCO World Report, Investing in Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue.

International travel and traveling to parts of the world that is completely different from what we are used to is also necessary for our cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought – the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms, argued Adam Galinsky at Columbia Business School in his research on the concrete links between creativity and international travel. Professor Galinsky also argued that travel “increases awareness of underlying connections and associations” with other cultures. In a 2018 Harris Poll of 1,300 business travelers, 87 percent said that business trips helped them to be more empathetic to others, reports Quartz.

All of us have equivalents. Things we care about that aren’t mentioned anywhere. Part of growing up, and learning to travel well, means daring to take our own interests a bit more seriously. So, what is the traveler’s mindset? Receptivity, appreciation, and gratitude might be its chief characteristics. With travel, we can make our world the better place we found it. 

With travel we can foster dialogue that can lead to a better understanding of our differences and differences that at a far may seem may seem major when in fact are minor – for we are more alike than different. I hope that during our collective confinements, we all come to appreciate travel and the power in making meaning and lasting connections. Let’s all strive to make travel meaningful activities that as humans is necessary to our survival as a human race. Lets us all attune to the needs of our inner self and travel to places that would fundamentally reorient your personality and embark on journeys that could assist us with our inner journeys.

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Begin your adventurous journey here.

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Your journey to
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