Our Summer in Africa series is back. A series we started last year with the aim of highlighting some of the most interesting and best experiences in Africa. So as many of our customers are getting ready to rode the trolley to travel and roam anyone two, or more of the 54 countries in the continent, join us as we explore and uncover some of the best experiences Africa has to offer. The African continent teems with unique landscapes, ancient history, diverse cultures and traditions, geographical wonders, and of course wildlife and countless active adventures. It pays to embark on journeys that fundamentally reorient our senses on our travels. Because part of growing, and learning to travel well, means daring to take our own interests a bit more seriously. Rather than following the hype we strive to help our customers become more aware and find a bit more meaning[…]
1. Stargazing at The NamibRand Nature Reserve – Namibia The NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia was the first reserve to achieve Gold Tier dark-sky status from the International Dark-Sky Association, which means its sky quality is ideal for stargazing. Designated a Gold Tier International Dark Sky Reserve by the International Dark Sky Association,  the NamibRand International Dark Sky Reserve was only the second place on Earth that was designated with Gold Tier status because of its exceptionally dark skies. As a part of the classification of this area as a night sky reserve the Namib Desert Environmental Educational Trust Centre was formed to offer educational programs on the earth and the sky. These programs are open to all Namibians; schoolchildren are their most common guests, but also to visitors from all over the world.  The program offers overnight accommodation and guests have the option of staying in open-air units where[…]
When asked where he came from, Socrates answered, not ‘From Athens’ but ‘From the World.’ The art of travel by Alain de Botton is a wittily crafted book drawing on the theories and bons mots of writers, explorers, philosophers, and artists. De Botton illustrated the two types of travelers those that see the world with awe and wonder, those who travel to expand their perspectives of the world, and those who pay keen attention to details, details our world has to offer, be it nature, animals, scenery,  architecture, how the sun sets and rises in different places of the world – the marvelous beauty of our planet and all its organisms. Those who ask vigorously, questions motivated by being in search of an authentic representation of experiences. On the other hand, there are pessimistic types of travelers – those from the pessimistic school who only see disappointments in every reality or experience. No better[…]
With demand for international travel back in full force it has become even more important to get travel insurance, especially in this pandemic era. Also, with many airports experiencing staffing shortages and baggage delays, buying travel insurance makes more sense now than ever before. Sure, prices for airfare and hotels are causing sticker shock among those who are ready to explore, but having a travel policy in place will ensure you won’t lose the money you spent if your trip is canceled or interrupted for reasons beyond your control. As defined by The US Travel Insurance Association (UStiA), a national association of insurance carriers, third-party administrators, insurance agencies, and related businesses involved in the development, administration, and marketing of travel insurance and travel assistance products; “travel insurance is designed to cover the times when things go wrong and problems arise when you are on a trip.” There are three[…]
An American pioneer trailblazer and reporter, Nellie Bly, in 1889 embarked on circumnavigating the globe with just a small duffle bag. Bly, an audacious reporter, challenged Jules Verneʼs fictional character Phileas Fogg (Around the World in Eighty Days 1873). Verne argued that “anything one man can imagine, other men can make real,” and oh man was he wrong to not include women. His vision for speed-circumnavigation was made real in 1889 — by a woman. A pioneer that she was, Bly would complete the trip in seventy-five days. How she did it is another topic. Nevertheless, we want to highlight Blyʼs masterful and efficient packing skills for such a long and demanding trip, especially in an era when resources were limited and technology wasnʼt as it is today. Efficiency, strategy, and perhaps meticulous attention to detail were a few key contributing factors to Blyʼs success in beating the world[…]

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