Eastern Africa

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Tanzania lives up to being the Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti with rich culture, spices and idyllic white sand beaches in Zanzibar.


Segera is centrally positioned in the heart of Laikipia, one of Africa’s – and the world’s – most exciting safari destinations, boasting the second highest density of wildlife in Kenya.

During your safari on Segera, you can expect to see herds of elephant and buffalo, predators such as lion, leopard or cheetah, plains game including multiple species of antelope and zebra, important populations of Reticulated giraffe, Lelwel’s hartebeest and sometimes our protected endangered species of Grevy’s zebra, Patas monkey and African Wild Dog.


Celebrating commonality is what nurtures understanding; respecting difference is crucial to our future. Our ability to innovate and evolve is what makes us uniquely human. Drawing on our uniqueness we enrich each other and contribute to a greater common good. Segera strives to strengthen intercultural relationships and understanding, safeguarding cultural heritage while raising awareness of cultural diversity.

Landmarks and major tourist sites

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Your journey to
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