Why you Need Travel Insurance for your Next International Trip

With demand for international travel back in full force it has become even more important to get travel insurance, especially in this pandemic era. Also, with many airports experiencing staffing shortages and baggage delays, buying travel insurance makes more sense now than ever before. Sure, prices for airfare and hotels are causing sticker shock among … Read more

Your Ultimate Travel Packing List and Guide, inspired by Nellie Bly

An American pioneer trailblazer and reporter, Nellie Bly, in 1889 embarked on circumnavigating the globe with just a small duffle bag. Bly, an audacious reporter, challenged Jules Verneʼs fictional character Phileas Fogg (Around the World in Eighty Days 1873). Verne argued that “anything one man can imagine, other men can make real,” and oh man … Read more

Top 10 Must See African Arts Museums in Africa

As some of us are planning and getting ready to rode the trolley to travel and roam the world only this time with much caution and precaution. It pays to embark on journeys that fundamentally reorient our senses. All of us have equivalents. Things we care about that aren’t mentioned anywhere. And part of growing and learning … Read more

Summer in Africa Series: Top 11 Most Riveting Annual Festivals in Africa

Festivals and folklore express the shared culture of a community, encompassing its historic and socio-cultural traditions and the ways these are expressed publicly. Local festivals such as carnivals and fairs are sometimes annual celebrations that are often times influenced by culture, and religion, along with countless others showcasing Africa’s varied creative talent, through the mediums … Read more

Summer In Africa Series – Top 15 Countries In Africa With The Most Flavorful Cuisine

Part of traveling well is not only taking our own interests seriously by immersing ourselves in the people, places, and stories but also experiencing new flavors and dishes we have never tried before. The tenet of travel is just that uncovering and experiencing unfamiliar territories and sometimes, a place just speaks to you, opening your mind and … Read more

The deft storyteller – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The month of March is Women’s Month. A celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture, and society. In light of this, we are celebrating a few women from the African diaspora whose immense contributions although, often overlooked should live on in perpetuity. And so we continue with a woman who is fearless, a fierce warrior of Africanism, … Read more

Africa’s Great Civilizations: The Fabled & Majestic City of Timbuktu

A great deal of African history and culture has intentionally been made to be obscure. Civilizations existed in Africa long before European colonization. From the African continent, great civilizations have risen to glory. Through its peoples, astounding cultures have grown and flourished. Yet many myths remain about Africa. We can’t pretend that Africans have no … Read more

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