As a travel enthusiast and a believer of the danger of a single story, Trailblazer Travelz was founded on a fueled passion to tell authentic and extraordinary stories about the African continent as opposed to the status quo. The "single story" narrative has been told over and over again branding an entire continent into a singular narrative as a representation of a collective culture which is not only myopic but a pseudo representation of what this magnificent continent truly represents. Africa is a vast continent diverse in every way, from its people, nature, wildlife, varied cultures and traditions, to language and dialect – a diversity that you will not find anywhere else.

Trailblazer Travelz is a modern lifestyle online travel and tour company specializing in Africa. Founded in New York,  August 2018 with the simple desire to collate and aggregate experiences. Our founder has this burning desire to connect interesting people to interesting experiences, herself included. Our commitment is to imbue a community of travelers who see travel as an affordable lifestyle, embody the true essence of travel and are mindful of their impact. We are the pioneer travel and tour company to Africa that aligns our customer's interests with interesting experiences that are immersive, authentic and enriching.  


We believe that travel goes far beyond the traditional travel cycle and we thrive in creating interesting experiences for our customers that focus on immersive local cultural experiences such as; culinary fare, artistic expressions, hands-on workshops, storytelling at the same time collaborating with companies that share our vision. All of us have equivalents - things we care about that aren’t mentioned anywhere. And part of growing and learning to travel well means daring to take our own interests a bit more seriously, attune to the needs of our inner self, or traveling to places that would fundamentally reorient our personality. At Trailblazer Travelz, we strive to do just that.


A Brief Perspective Intro into Africa Travel...

Every people is a treasure for humanity. The most vital societies that history has known have always been those characterized by great ethnic and cultural diversity. Africa's greatest asset is in its people who are diverse, rich with cultural diversity and varies not only from one country to another, but within each individual country itself. Therefore, any attempt to unravel the double helix or to decode the DNA of "Africa's people and Cultures" will be an experiment in futility when operating from such a narrow lens as a visit to only one of the continent’s 55 countries. As a result, we are founded on this fuel passion to shift and change the narrative from a single story to authentic storytelling. We are committed to help you immerse yourself into the bountiful African continent with a changed perspective and provide you with an antidote to experience a rich vibrant culture, lush wildlife, safaris, and savanna, reverting history, awe-inspiring people, exotic cuisines, music, and stories that inspire and fuel imagination and ultimately shift perspectives.



This is the era for African Renaissance, and we are just on the edge of it. We realized that there isn't a dedicated online travel company for the continent that is uniquely positioned as a lifestyle brand to tell the stories of each one of the 55 countries on the continent, hence Trailblazer Travelz was founded on this mission.


Moreover, African tourism has attracted people from all parts of the world and the continent is an emerging market that is shifting to growth. For example, the evolution of the wildlife travel to Africa all started when members of the British upper class traveling to Africa in the late 1800s and early- 1900s to seek glory and adventure. Many of the early explorers, such as Stanley, Livingstone, Burton, Speke, and others had opened the continent, and European colonization followed (Hanbury-Tenison, R. 2010. The Great Explorers. London, KK: Thames and Hudson). Many of these early tourists were seeking to replicate the experiences chronicled in the writings of the early explorers, and many were big-game hunters.


The popularity of safari-type adventures during this period peaked when Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, and former U.S. President and conservationist Theodore Roosevelt went on safari to East Africa to hunt big game from April 1909 to March 1910. As a result, safari type adventures have made Africa the world’s number one destination for safaris which range from the exotic to the very simple. With the influence of the elites mentioned above including the British Loyal Family and others, a safari tour was preserved for the wealthy and well-connected, but things have now changed in the safari travel industry. This once-exclusive type of trip is now accessible to more travelers all over the world and Africa is the most ideal. Africa boasts a mind-bending display of rare and beautiful animals, dramatic landscapes, and adventure activities. We are committed to creating experiences that amplify the true essence of traveling, drawing inspirations from these early explorers including the Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta who truly immersed themselves into local cultures. We are committed to challenging the status quo in changing the narrative about Africa. 


We take a curious unbiased and open-minded approach to educating our customers on their destination prior to going so they can plan with confidence and hassle-free upon arrival during their stay and upon returning. We aim to be the pioneer company in all travels to the continent. Fall in love, connect and accept people as they ought to be - experience a shift in perspective.



We are committed to challenging the status quo in shifting the narrative about Africa by collating and aggregating interesting experiences that are immersive, authentic and enriching.


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We believe that travel goes far beyond the traditional travel cycle. We want our customers to have a deeper connection with our brand and meaningful and immersive experiences that appreciate local and indigenous culture. Through the power of storytelling, we really want our customers to experience a shift in perspective by helping them immerse into stories and experiences that expand and fuel imagination. With lifestyle travel, we are creating experiences that focus on local cultural integration, wellness, culinary fare, artistic expressions and collaborating with companies that share our vision.


Our mantra is, sit back, relax, enjoy your journey and make meaningful memories. We understand that not one size fits all which is why we encourage our customers to create their travel preference. 


Our collective mission is social impact, inclusivity, and sustainability with the aim of empowering local communities. 


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