Understanding Frequent Flyer Miles & How to Maximize your Rewards

Earning airline miles is a great loyalty program that all major airlines wants to have with their customers. It is a win win. You earn points for each mile that you fly with the airline or for every dollar that you spend with the airline's partners. The more you fly the more miles you earn and the points can be redeemed in many ways; free flights, free flight upgrades from an economy to business or first class, free car rentals or hotel stays and other goods and products. So if you are a frequent flyer and loves a particular airline(s) it pays to get on board. Although, getting the most out of these programs can be tricky as they can be onerous especially due to the ever-changing rules and configurations, however, for some you need not even have to step inside an aircraft to accumulate miles, as you can earn them many other ways. According to an article by Scott McCartney titled, Top Frequent-Flier Programs for 2018, “Annual SEC filings show that customers are cashing in a lot more points than in previous years at Southwest and JetBlue. On Southwest, a staggering 13.8% of passenger traffic was on Rapid Rewards tickets in 2017, up from 12.7%. Remarkably, on average, nearly one of every seven passengers on any flight is riding on an award ticket.” Below are few tips to help understand and maximize your points.

General Tip

For some having frequent flyer miles is the dream of flying in first class, glass of prosecco in hand, away from the screaming children and armrest battles. So our recommendation is even if you’re not sure you’re going to be flying a lot with a particular airline, you should still sign up for an airline-specific frequent flier program; for you just never know when you may really need it and every mile counts. American Airlines, for example, offers one-way flights within the United States for as few as 7,500 miles — an amount that can be earned within just