Mythical Volcanoes ☼ Erta Ale, Ethiopia

Mythical volcano - Erta Ale

Erta Ale is one of the four permanent lava lakes on the planet, located in the Danakil Depression (or Afar Depression) in the Afar Region of northeastern Ethiopia. The Afar Depression is referred to as hot due to the intense volcanic activity. The mythical sight of Erta Ale is the only permanently active volcano in the region. It is call Erta Ale chain because there are many volcanoes and is one of the driest, lowest, and hottest places on Earth. Temperatures during the year range from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The area is beset by drought, bereft of trees, and has little in the way of roads. It is inaccessible due to its geographic isolation, the extreme temperatures and the hostility of its environment.

Known by the Afar as the "smoking mountain" and "the gateway to hell," Erta Ale is a 2,011-foot-high constantly active basaltic shield volcano. It is one of only a handful of continuously active volcanoes in the world, and a member of an even more exclusive group: volcanoes with lava lakes. While there are only five kno