With consumer demand for wellness services and products higher than ever, Trailblazer Travelz is committed to develop custom packages with best services, products, and information that promote health and well-being. We will focus on fitness and mind-body; healthy eating, nutrition; spa, thermal and mineral springs. Studies confirms wellness as one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries.


A wellness-minded traveler actively seeks out destinations, accommodations and experiences that will allow him or her to maintain a routine of fitness, healthy eating and other pursuits as with wellness living. we have those wanting to use travel as a break from the mundane life for the proactive betterment of their health and well-being. Vacation time away from the normal stress of work and daily living – allows for greater concentration and focus on objective of improving personal health.

Kenya lives up to being the land of great wildlife and ecology, however, this is by no means the only reason to visit Kenya, for the attractions of its rich culture, diverse environments and technological innovation are outstanding. 


Tanzania lives up to being the Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti with rich culture, spices and idyllic white sand beaches in Zanzibar.

Segera Retreat

Where Nature Meets Luxury

An exclusive destination for fun, adventure, spiritual reflection and peace, where absolute luxury, bespoke service and generous all-inclusive offerings combine to give you exceptional privacy in your wild Kenyan home away from home.


Fatuma's Tower is the ideal environment for your Kenya Yoga & Wellness holiday. You can choose a personal yoga program, join a group yoga retreat or simply join our afternoon classes.

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Where Nature Meets Luxury



Segera Retreat’s Wellness Centre offers an array of scrubs, facials, full body therapies and massage treatments, which will help you unwind in luxury and comfort, encouraging you to find renewal amidst the peace and beauty of your surroundings.

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Credit: Segera Retreat


Segera Retreat - Kenya 


Segera is centrally positioned in the heart of Laikipia, one of Africa’s – and the world’s – most exciting safari destinations, boasting the second highest density of wildlife in Kenya.

During your safari on Segera, you can expect to see herds of elephant and buffalo, predators such as lion, leopard or cheetah, plains game including multiple species of antelope and zebra, important populations of Reticulated giraffe, Lelwel’s hartebeest and sometimes our protected endangered species of Grevy’s zebra, Patas monkey and African Wild Dog.


Celebrating commonality is what nurtures understanding; respecting difference is crucial to our future. Our ability to innovate and evolve is what makes us uniquely human. Drawing on our uniqueness we enrich each other and contribute to a greater common good. Segera strives to strengthen intercultural relationships and understanding, safeguarding cultural heritage while raising awareness of cultural diversity.



Out of Africa


Oscar-winning movie ‘Out of Africa’ conjures images of the quintessential African setting: breathtaking savannah plains, bountiful wildlife and snapshots of Kenya’s rich tribal cultures. At the center of all of this, one remembers a yellow biplane which soared above Kenya’s dramatic landscapes, rousing flamingoes and becoming one of the most recognized features of Denys Finch Hatton (Robert Redford) and Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep)’s passionate romance, a performance that captured viewers’ imaginations all over the world


The natural beachfront villas of White Sands resort and beautiful beaches will lull you into a relaxed state, while the climate and abundance of fresh produce will improve your spirits from the minute you arrive. The palm trees are as much for climbing as they are for providing a shady spot to read your book. Your deep squats, lunges and crocodile movements across the beach will be followed by a deep bath full of essential oils under a starry sky. We’re not in the bootcamp business here.

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Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge, Zanzibar

Set in lush gardens amid forest and crystal clear waters on the slopes of Mount Meru, Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge is a wonderful place to relax and simmer in the immense beauty of East Africa. The Lodge has been adapted from an early colonial farmhouse built in the early 20th century and it is one of the oldest family lodges in Arusha. 




Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge, Zanzibar/Tanzania



Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced practioner of a specific style, yoga allows you to stretch beyond perceived limitations to enrich your entire life. A tranquil atmosphere of Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge is ideal for those seeking to rebalance mind, body and spirit.
After a long safari or the Kilimanjaro climb take private or group yoga classes by the lake under the forest canopy surrounded by sounds of nature.

Credit: Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge


Location: TANZANIA

Try your hand at still water fly-fishing for specimen rainbow trout. Bring your own fly rod or use one of ours. Our record catch so far is 3.6kg or 8lbs. Please note that we have recently stocked many small trout in the lake, so please release any fish below 2lbs or 1kg. Take your catch to the kitchen where we can prepare it to your liking.

Trout Fishing


JUA KALI is a name of the village next to Ngare Sero Lodge on the green slopes of Mt Meru. It is translated as “the hot sun” from Swahili, but it also means resourcefulness, an ability to create something out of whatever is available.

JUA KALI is a crafts boutique supporting local artisans – carvers, jewelry-makers and tailors, which aims to promote recycling and introduce new skills into the community. It also represents eco-friendly and responsible businesses all over Tanzania.


Northern Tanzania has the most dramatic landscape and greatest concentration of wildlife in Africa. Huge herds exploit the fresh grass of the plains during the rains and move to areas of permanent water during the dry season while other game inhabits the mountain regions.

Wildlife Safaris