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A wellness-minded traveler actively seeks out destinations, accommodations and experiences that will allow him or her to maintain a routine of fitness, healthy eating and other pursuits as with wellness living. we have those wanting to use travel as a break from the mundane life for the proactive betterment of their health and well-being. Vacation time – the normal stress of work and daily living – allows for greater concentration and focus on objective of improving personal health.

South Africa lives up to its unofficial motto, A World in One Country - a country so diverse that it's a travellers dream come true.


Where Nature Meets Luxury

The ultimate wilderness experience to escape, rest, heal and be at one with nature, with wide open plains, mystical rock formations, crystal clear waterfalls and an abundance of flora and fauna.


Details on our Safari section.

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Credit: Bushman Kloof




Location: BUSHMAN KLOOF, South Africa

Bushmans Kloof is the custodian of over 130 unique rock art sites, some as old as 10,000 years. The sites on the reserve may be viewed by guests, archaeologists and researchers. Since its founding, Bushmans Kloof has been dedicated to protecting this extraordinary treasure. Awarded the status of a South African Natural Heritage Site, Bushman Kloof is by far one of our favorite wellness wanders.


Bushmans Kloof provides a host of activities in the predator and malaria-free reserve; guests are free to explore the breath taking landscape on their own. It is a place to reconnect with yourself, and to reconnect with the earth. Roam over wide-open spaces, explore the sculpted rocks, crystalline waterfalls and abundant flora and fauna. Fill your lungs with the purest air, feel the pulse of the natural world and go wild!

You can enjoy Archery & Croquet,Canoeing & Swimming,  Fly-Fishing, Hike & Bike and more. 

Action & Adventure

Rock Art & Heritage

The Cederberg & West Coast


Wine Routes of the Cederberg

The region is fortunate to have three excellent wine routes available for tourists.

Clanwilliam Museum

The museum chronicles the growth of Rooibos Tea industry of the area.

Biedouw Rivier Valley

Fantastic fly-fishing is available here under the epic slopes of the TraTra Mountains. The area becomes a canvas of colour just after the rains, when it is endowed with an astonishing array of spring flowers.

Lamberts Bay

Lamberts Bay is a fishing village, and famous the world over for its surfing beaches. Bird Island is a popular attraction.


"GOCHEGANAS" - a descriptive Damara name, meaning: "Place of Camel Thorns, abounding with Candle-Pod Acacias" is more than just a place, it is an experience…. Located a mere 29km south east from Windhoek, and situated on a hilltop overlooking a spectacular landscape, this luxurious Lodge offers a unique combination of Wildlife, Nature and Wellness experiences.  

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The Lodge at Feline Fields, BOTSWANA

Luxury in the Kalahari Wilderness

The Lodge is set on the edge of a wooded island in the Kalahari savannah. The lodge is a celebration of the serenity, space, and light which flows throughout this vast area.

Inspired by the simplicity of the landscape in which it rests, The Lodge is an inviting oasis where indulgently comfortable interiors integrate seamlessly with the raw African beauty outside.



The GocheGanas Wellness Village


Wellness is a holistic approach to health that combines all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual well-being to realign mind, body and soul. It is a place where the noise of our busy lives is drowned out by the whispers of tranquillity - a place where we can draw upon the strength of a healthy body and the sanctuary of our inner calm.

Credit:Shambala Private Game Reserve

 With the abundance of game on the farm, every game drive has its highlights, especially when guests are lucky enough to view our rhino family. Other game on GocheGanas include steenbok, duiker, klipspringer, red hartebeest, wildebeest (blue), eland, Burchell's zebra (Protected and conserved mammals in Namibia), springbok, oryx (gemsbok), kudu, giraffe, waterbuck, warthog, Hartmann's mountain zebra (Endemic, one of Namibia's conserved mammals), square-lipped (white) rhinoceros (Second largest land mammal), cheetah, leopard, caracal, striped polecat (Zorilla), and black wildebeest.

Game Drives

Quad Biking

Ideal for guests who prefer a different kind of thrill, our quad biking trail will take you through an obstacle course that offers various levels of difficulty to cater for all different skill levels. Suitable for groups up to three guests at a time.

Quad Biking


 If you are looking for an exceptional safari conference venue in Namibia, GocheGanas will not disappoint.

The exclusive conference facility is in close proximity to GocheGanas Lodge. Harmoniously embedded on a mountain’s crest, this fine location offers a magnificent atmosphere with inspirational views. By virtue of its situation in a unique bush environment, GocheGanas is a conference venue 'par excellence'. GocheGanas will not only give you access to the finest facilities, thrilling wildlife opportunities and magnificent vistas.