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Check out our travel themes to help choose or perhaps inspire you. There are endless opportunities to explore, activities and themes to consider and plenty of room for relaxation. With over 54 stunning countries to choose from the possibilities play like an uncontrolled imagination. Whether you are an adventure seeker rolling along a golden landscape, your eyes plying the plains for a spectacular sight of wildebeest, or you seek peace, relaxation and tranquility for a safaris, or you want to awaken your taste buds with culture rich cuisines and heritage, beautiful beaches or luxury filled experience, we are here for you. The following activities are designed to give you the most authentic experiences that suites your preference.


From the Northeast to the East coast of the red island, go on a 4×4 raid to discover the “Magic Triangle” of Madagascar. If you are into adventure and learning about species that you will never found anywhere else, Madagascar is your island break. Start your tour tasting seafood on the idyllic beaches of Nosy Be, then go to fish in the deep waters off the Emerald Sea, to finally finish your tour by discovering a plantation of vanilla from Madagascar, cocoa, and tropical fruits in the region of SAVA. You will meet adventure and fine cuisine at every step of your trip! Let’s dive in.

Fauna and Flora

The fauna and flora of Madagascar are considered by every scientist as being a nature sanctuary as well as the cradle of endemic species of the island. There are unique species such as seven different  types of baobabs, 19,000 plant species, and more than 100,000 of species of fauna.  Some have attributed this uniqueness to its isolated location in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This bountiful and colorful journey awaits you.

The Lemur, an emblematic species of Madagascar

Lemurs are a monkey species endemic to Madagascar. They are five families atypical monkey species found only on the “Great Island.” They can be found in National Parks, natural reserves, Tsimbazaza Zoo, or in their  natural habitat, the rainforest. There are more than 100 species of lemurs and new species are still being discovered, such as the dwarf lemur of Ankarana.

Vanilla, precious spice of Madagascar

Madagascar is the main vanilla producer in the world with more than 30,000 hectares of plantations on the island. This sweet and captivating spice is a Malayse pride cultivated with passion by the farmers. It’s in the region of SAVA, in the northeast of the island that’s home to large areas of vanilla plantations. You can also discover it around Diego Suarez and Toamasina where the plantations. Nevertheless, you can buy it from the picturesque local markets.

The Baobab Tree