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Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, consists of an estimated 115 islands, most of which are not permanently inhabited. Another 30 islands are significant rock formations. The islands are divided into two distinct categories; 41 Inner Islands and another 74 Outer Islands, although, Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the most popular islands. The island also call “another world” which couldn’t be more true because once you landed in the country you know for sure you are in another world. Perhaps it could be the cool breeze from the Indian Ocean, or the immaculate white sands and welcoming clear blue water; whatever it is this spectacular country is also home to a vibrant diversity of cultures that will truly inspire you and fuel your imagination. If you wish to experience exotic and rare plant and animal life as well as stunning palm fringed beaches and clear turquoise waters and exotic marine life, Seychelles is truly a paradise island that should be on your bucket list. These are just some of the many factors that make this nation such a sought-after paradise for holidaymakers and investors alike.

Mahé Island

Over 1,000 miles from the east coast of Africa the island of Mahe's jungle clad mountains rise from the Indian Ocean. At 59.85 square mi, Mahe is the biggest island in Seychelles. It is located northeast of the country and is the site of Seychelles capital city, Victoria. About 90% of Seychelles’ total population lives on Mahe. It is named after a Frenchman, Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais, who was Mauritius’ governor in the 18th century. In addition to being home to most of the country’s population, Mahe contains Seychelles International Airport, the University of Seychelles, and the Baie Ternay, Port Launey, and Sainte Anne Marine National Parks. Its main economic activities are tourism and fishing. With over 60 beautiful beaches and coves fringing the island, ranging from sweeping bays of white sand to hidden corners you can make your own, a densely forested interior and small towns with a unique Creole culture, there is much to explore. In addition, waterfalls, jungle, mountain walks and stunning viewpoints, with a whole host of activities from rock climbing to sea kayaking and scuba diving are some of the tourist activities.


Its forests are home to rare endemic flora, for instance, the endangered Medusagyne oppositifolia, commonly known as the Jellyfish tree. Other rare endemic flora includes its variety of unique orchid species and its carnivorous Seychelles Pitcher plant.

Praslin Island

At 14.67 square mi, Praslin is the second largest island in Seychelles. It contains two administrative districts: Grand’ Anse and Baie Sainte Anne. In the eighteenth century, Arab merchants and pirates used it to hide their loot. Originally named Isle de Palmes in 1744, it was given a new name, Praslin, in 1768, honoring a French diplomat César Gabriel de Choiseul, duc de Praslin.


With its resorts hotels, stunning white sand beaches and lush tropical forests covering the hills, Praslin is a popular tourist destination and delight. The beaches on Praslin stand out, with famous names like Anse Lazio,  Anse Geogette and Cote D'Or. frequently making top ten lists of best beaches and most beautiful destinations worldwide, and with good reason.  But Praslin is also the only island where you can enjoy an 18 hole round of golf on a championship course, or discover the amazing Coco De Mer, an exotic plant that lead to the belief the Seychelles were the true Garden of Eden.


Its tropical forests are rich in wildlife, for instance, endemic bird species like the Seychelles bulbul and the Seychelles black parrot. It contains the Praslin Island Airport. A significant portion of the area south of the island is designated as a national park and Important Bird Area.

Silhouette Island

Silhouette the third largest island in Seychelles is Silhouette Island, at 7.76 square mi. Most of its 200 inhabitants are workers on the island. It was named after Etienne de Silhouette, who was a minister of finance during the reign of Louis XV. In the 19th Century, the island was owned by the Dauban family who later sold it to a French group, and afterward to the Seychelles government, which constructed a small hotel. Later a larger resort would take the place of the hotel and would be purchased by the Hilton group of Hotels. Rich in biodiversity, Silhouette Island contained a variety of endemic and threatened flora and fauna, such as the Seychelles sheath-tailed bat, which is classified as critically endangered. Silhouette National Park was created in 2010. Other species found on the island include the Seychelles kestrel, the Seychelles blue pigeon, and the Seychelles Giant tortoise.