Core Competencies:

Immersive Local Experiences with a Personal Touch: 

As the only travel company exclusively dedicated to Africa and creating local, immersive, enriching and personalized experiences to all 55 countries on the continent; we are uniquely positioned to tell each country's story. We are to do this through deep collaboration with our local tour guides and insiders. Every single one of our tours is led by local tour experts and insiders to encourage micro-entrepreneurship. When we travel to a new destination, either we are trying to experience something different, escape from our mundane lifestyle, or we desire to fill a specific void. Imagine you arrived at your destination and there is a sign with your name on it and as it turns out it is your driver picking you up from the airport after a long journey. You arrive at your hotel or bed and breakfast and you are served with fresh juice or cold crisp or sparkling water. A few minutes later, after you have freshened up, viola it hit you that you are in a new country because everything seems different even the fresh breeze. The next day, you ate your delicious breakfast, a local hearty dish and your tour guide arrive to get you started with your tour. But first, you both grab a local refreshment to pick up from where you left off on your way back from the airport. You arrive at your first landmark, perhaps a UNESCO Heritage site and you see a long line or multiple lines of tourists - are you thinking what we are thinking? you whispered to your guide, when will we ever get in? But no, your tour guide passes right by the lines and went straight inside. It hit you again especially when your tour guide started talking. It's amazing, isn't it? when you ask your tour experts how he pulled that off, he answered, that's the Trailblazer Travelz difference...


Unbiased Approach:

Have you been dreaming about visiting Africa but don't know where to begin or stressed out about planning your next trip and don't want to deal with the snafus? you've come to the right place. When it comes to great travel experience in Africa, most people can feel intimidated, overwhelmed and almost feel like they are stepping into the unknown.  And with so many crazy stories about the continent, most people wonder, or don’t know the truth from the crazy or some just settle for the single story. Every new experience calls for an open mind and willingness to learn, which is why we are here. We pooled our resources just so you don’t have to and took all the guesswork out so you can have an unforgettable experience. We have traversed every country and decipher the puzzle for the bucket-list adventures, safaris, cuisines, cultural experiences and the ultimate travel to Africa experience. We have given an unbiased view to the traveler by highlighting each country’s key accomplishments, resources, history, activities, and other important stories and events to help shift perspectives and perhaps help you fall in love all over again.


Sustainable Development:

As an advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals an agenda that calls for action to improve the lives of people everywhere in the world through universal, inclusive and indivisibility. Seventeen goals to transform the world in order to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of the new sustainable development agenda. Trailblazer Travelz will work with some of the continent's poverty striking areas to promote education, end poverty and promote gender equality. In addition, we look to encourage higher-value travelers, ones that contribute to the local economies to spend more on local artisans, restaurants, farmer's markets, along with working with local tour insiders and experts to design activities and packages that will capture this market. Our collective mission is social impact, inclusivity, and sustainability with the aim of working with and empowering local communities and economies. 


Hybrid Online Booking & Consulting:

Since airfares are among the most unpredictable part of traveling many travel planners and tour agencies exclude airfares from their packages leaving it to the customer to handle that on their own. However, at Trailblazer Travelz, we think differently - we are a customer-centric firm and hence, we strive to combine our efforts in utilizing artificial intelligence and our expert research consulting team to getting the most competitive fares for our customers. An action-driving approach to meeting customer expectations and optimize all possible opportunities. Our exclusive expert airfare travel consultants and travel planners do blaze the trail in delivering outstanding service and pricing with our 24 hours response service guarantee, no fees for credit card payments and 100% money protection. Our experts understand the ins and outs of travel, as we have a team of experienced consultants with a focus on product quality, great customer support and frequent flyer accrual as part of our detailed cost-benefit analysis. We are particularly punctilious in pursuing this commitment. 



Customer Experience & Personalization:

 Whether it is a flight delay, a customer is running late to catch their flight or being with our customers on the ground, we are with you every step of the way. We understand that traveling to an especially unfamiliar place can be stressful which is why we are committed to making the process seamless by being with our customers at every step of their trip. Our team of travel consultants and airfare experts will always be on standby to resolve and find alternate flights if needed. By eliminating any frictions and obstacles with options, we aim to assist and help our customers, so they never have to feel alone. We also understand that not one size fits all, which is why we encourage our customers to create their travel preference input form. Customers shouldn't be on long holds when they call, therefore, our phone lines are open for extended hours and we commit to responding to all inquiries within 24hrs. Travel can be very complex sometimes and goes beyond the typical purchase which makes the experience more fragmented for customers. Therefore, to respond to changing customer tastes and accelerating expectations we commit to mass customization through marketing, systemic and delivery methods that combine the flexibility and personalization of custom-made services. 


Lifestyle Brand & Value:

 As a lifestyle brand, we value inclusivity and an unbiased approach. We aim to embody the values, aspirations, interests, attitudes of our customers through unique experiences and authentic storytelling. We seek to inspire, guide and motivate our community with the goal of championing their unique identity and tailoring experiences that they crave through engagement and interactions that drive meaningful and lasting relationships. We also want our customers to have a deeper connection with our brand and meaningful and immersive experiences that appreciate local and indigenous cultures, local cultural integration, culinary fare, artistic expressions and collaborating with companies that share our vision.



As a travel enthusiast and a believer of the danger of a single story, Trailblazer Travelz was founded on a fueled passion to tell real, extraordinary and beautiful stories about the African continent as oppose to the status quo. We aim to help you immerse yourself into the bountiful African continent with a changed perspective and provide you with an antidote to experience a rich vibrant culture, lush wildlife, safaris, and savanna, reverting history, awe-inspiring people, exotic cuisines, music, and stories that inspire and fuel imagination. This is the era for African Renaissance, and we are just on the edge of it. We realized that there isn't a dedicated online travel company for the continent that is uniquely positioned as a lifestyle brand to tell the stories of each 55 countries on the continent, hence Trailblazer Travelz was founded on this mission. Africa is a vast continent diverse in every way, from nature, wildlife, people, culture, even within the individual countries themselves – a diversity that you will not find anywhere else.


Moreover, African tourism has attracted people from all parts of the world and the continent is an emerging market that is shifting to growth. For example, the evolution of the wildlife travel to Africa all started when members of the British upper class traveling to Africa in the late 1800s and early- 1900s to seek glory and adventure. Many of the early explorers, such as Stanley, Livingstone, Burton, Speke, and others had opened the continent, and European colonization followed (Hanbury-Tenison, R. 2010. The Great Explorers. London, KK: Thames and Hudson). Many of these early tourists were seeking to replicate the experiences chronicled in the writings of the early explorers, and many were big-game hunters.


The popularity of safari-type adventures during this period peaked when Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, and former U.S. President and conservationist Theodore Roosevelt went on safari to East Africa to hunt big game from April 1909 to March 1910. As a result, safari type adventures have made Africa the world’s number one destination for safaris which range from the exotic to the very simple. With the influence of the elites mentioned above including the British Loyal Family and others, a safari tour was preserved for the wealthy and well-connected, but things have now changed in the safari travel industry. This once-exclusive type of trip is now accessible to more travelers all over the world and Africa is the most ideal. Africa boasts a mind-bending display of rare and beautiful animals, dramatic landscapes, and adventure activities. We are committed to creating experiences that amplify the true essence of traveling, drawing inspirations from these early explorers including the Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta who truly immersed themselves into local cultures. We are committed to challenging the status quo in changing the narrative about Africa. 


We take a curious unbiased and open-minded approach to educating our customers on their destination prior to going so they can plan with confidence and hassle-free upon arrival during their stay and upon returning. We aim to be the pioneer company in all travels to the continent. Fall in love, connect and accept people as they ought to be - experience a shift in perspective.


 "The United Nations declared 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. As one of the world's largest economic sectors, Travel & Tourism creates jobs, drives exports, and generates prosperity across the world. The International Year provides an enormous opportunity to further showcase the tremendous economic, social, cultural, environmental, and heritage value that the sector can bring."


"My mindset to approaching any new project is to begin with the end in mind - a vision of the future and having a beginner's mindset. Having a beginners mindset is being open minded, constantly challenging yourself to grow, learning new skills, seeking innovative solutions, being fearless about embarking on new projects even when scary and stepping into the unknown, knowing that you will come out a better person no matter the outcome. It’s having a ferocious work ethic, an unshakable, relentless, integurous and authentic attitude with a keen attention to details, meticulous workmanship and a driven and fueling passion for excellence. So I encourage you to have a mind that's open to everything yet attached to nothing."

~Founder, Fatou Camara~


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