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The Cape Verde islands are an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean and consists of 12 islands of which 9 are inhabited. Each island is unique and different. The archipelago is divided into two groups: Barlavento, or windward islands in the north which include, Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau, Sal and Boavista. Sotavento, or leeward islands in the south include Maio, Santiago, Fogo and BravaCabo.


Verde is known for white and sandy beaches, historical towns, unspoiled nature, whales and turtles, pleasant weather, great food and a Portuguese atmosphere - An ideal holiday destination for everyone. If you want to enjoy a wonderful holiday on the subtropical Cape Verde islands, enter a world of white sandy beaches, Portuguese ambiance, culture, unspoiled nature and turtles this is your dream place to stay.

Sal Island

The name Sal means “salt.” This is the Island with the most tourist facilities, mainly in and around the beach town Santa Maria. Sal is an ideal island to relax. It has superb water sports possibilities and white sandy beaches. It is a perfect surf, dive and sunny destination. Young and old can enjoy a relaxing holiday here. Sal is also an ideal island to relax and to use as a starting point to explore other islands of Cape Verde. During the season there are also turtles on Sal. The landscape of Sal is flat and barren and is 30 kilometers long and about 12 kilometers wide. The landscape consists of brown rock slabs and desert sand coming by wind from the mainland from the Sahara. Because of the international airport, most visitors arrive in Sal.

Boavista Island

Boavista means “good view” which makes this island idyllic for white sandy beaches and is known for its white sands and dunes with small oases with palm trees as in the Sahara. The island has the ideal conditions for a relaxed beach and water sports holiday. Make great walks on the beaches, through the dunes and desert oases of Boavista. Or go windsurfing or kitesurfing on the azure sea. Dive to view one of the shipwrecks or go watching turtles and whales. Or simply enjoy the glorious sun on the white beach or luxury hotel at the resort.


Boavista is situated approximately 50 kilometers off Sal and is the third largest island of Cape Verde.

Sao Vicente Island

On Sao Vicente the most important is the capital Mindelo. The capital of the island is also the cultural capital of Cape Verde. The city is one of the wealthier cities of Cape Verde and is known for its intimate atmosphere, the music, the architecture and the bustling vibrancy. The port city inspired many intellectual, musician and artist. Through live music, carnival and other music festivals Sao Vicente is also known as the Rio de Janeiro of Cape Verde. Also beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts will find Sao Vicente an excellent destination. An island well worth a visit.

The majority of the population of Sao Vicente lives in Mindelo. Apart from the capital, the dry island has red colored surfaces and mountain ranges interspersed with desert valleys. Sao Vicente is centrally located to other small uninhabited and idyllic islands. In addition, the distance to the occupied Santo Antao is only 14 kilometers. Sao Vicente is a good starting point to visit the other Cape Verde islands.